Natural Facelift Exercises

Look ten years younger in 10 minutes a day with Juliette Kando’s remarkable face rejuvenation system. There is no need for painful, expensive and damaging cosmetic surgery. YOU, yourself can tone up your face, eradicate wrinkles, bags under the eyes, expressions of sadness and worry, plus get rid of your double chin in the bargain.


Natural Facelift Exercises - Juliette Kando

Remember, whether you are male or female, young or old, it’s never too late to get your face back. Here is One little exercise to get you started:

face-exercises-juliette-kando-tongue-in-cheekTongue in Cheek

1. Stand or sit in front of a mirror and formulate the shape of a large letter “O” with your mouth, making sure that the top lip is not wrinkled.
2. While retaining this “O” shape try to manage a smile, gently lifting the corners of your mouth.
3. Stick your tongue firmly against the inside of your right cheek. Don’t forget to keep the rest of your face well relaxed and smile.
4. Press with the tongue as hard as you can against the resisting inner wall of your cheek. Do this in different parts of your inner cheek.

How Many?

Make about 20 cheek contractions over the tongue on each side, frequently changing the position of the tongue inside the cheek to reach all its parts. Your tongue is acting as a pressure point inside the cheek which you should press firmly towards the tongue. Keep your smile on while working!


The tongue in cheek exercise tones many different small muscle groups which will eventually harmonize together to give your cheeks, once again, a firm, youthful and healthy look. The base of the tongue is situated inside the throat somewhere under the chin. It is therefore evident that doing the Tongue in Cheek exercise will also tone the base of the chin and help towards getting rid of any double (or triple) chins you might have lurking around your pretty / handsome face.


You can find many more exercises in the Natural Facelift book. Get it !

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