3 Best Apps for Web Design

The organisational skills, dedication and patience of a choreologist lend themselves perfectly to web design. I designed this very unique and personal minimalist little website (yes, the “You Kando it!” site you are looking at right now). People like it and some of them asked me to help them design or improve their websites.

I ended up enjoying the challenge of designing several other websites following these principles:

Your wish is my command

I work fast and efficiently

My fees are very competitive

As examples of what I have done, look at some of these more substantial websites I have designed:

Al Limón Ecolodge

Ata Kandó Photography

Should you need any help revamping your website, or starting a website from scratch, then get in touch.

First of all, you’ll need a Domain Name and Hosting from:


Health Comes First

We all know that sitting at a computer for hours on end is unhealthy and can be demoralising. It is therefore essential to find the best means and ways to shorten the time needed to accomplish online tasks. The most important aspect of web success is of course the content and presentation of a website. But however interesting and well styled, you need views, you need to be found and noticed, remembered and shared. That is where SEO comes in.

SEO – Be Seen

Knowing about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps to design or tweak a website for search robots. Designing a website for robots is even more important (and, for some, more difficult) than designing a website for the public. Here I share my findings on how to use SEO effectively to grow your web presence.


So far, I can recommend 3 programs/plugins to make a web presence grow without breaking the bank. I  plug these programs from personal experience. If you get the free trial versions from the links on this page, I get a small commission towards  the time spent improving this site for your benefit.

1. WPML Multi Language Plugin

Think of the increased views and traffic when many people who don’t understand English can read you. If you want the whole world to understand you, go multi lingual. But how do you do that? When a client asked me to convert his website into several languages, I discovered that doing so is not just a simple task of translating every page. There are many many elements in the back end of a website that need to communicate to make all the components like menus, widgets, images etc. work together in a professional manner.

After extensive research I came to the conclusion that, to do a proper job, I needed this amazing plugin called WPML which proved easy to use and thoroughly efficient. So now your website can be enjoyed by non-English speakers of your choice of over 72 languages!

Multilingual WordPress

I am definitely going to implement multi language facility to this website as soon as I get the time. Alors patience my dear friends who are Francais, Español, Hollanders or Magyar.


Roboform is an undisguised  blessing. It saves hours and hours of endless filling-in forms. Roboform remembers all your usernames and passwords and related notes and information. It logs into your chosen sites at the touch of one click. Roboform is essential for busy people on the web.

RoboForm: Learn more...


You could have the most interesting, best designed and written website in the world yet it won’t be found by many without first checking . . .

Market Interest – Keyword research – are people really interested in your grandma’s hemorrhoids?

Competition – has anyone else written the same thing already and better?

Unique, Original Content – not copied, scraped, or stolen content

Interesting – something new that people haven’t heard much about yet.

Try Market Samurai now for free!

With Market Samurai set up you can

When you get Market Samurai, you’ll soon be amazed at the growing rate of your online success.

To Conclude:

With the above three programs in place, you can . . .

WPML Multi Language Plugin – Launch your site in several languages.

Roboform – Save Time! Navigate faster on the web.

Market Samurai – Find out what your readers want to know more about.

What are you waiting for? Try the programs, and good luck with growing your web presence. You KANDO it!

Any More Web Help?

Can you recommend any other SEO programs or websites to improve rankings? Then publish your proven findings here and now. You may include up to two links pointing back to your own website per article. So make use of this opportunity for self promotion while helping others at the same time.

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