Toddlertone | How to Learn Yoga From Your Child

The concept of Toddlertone was born on the same day as my first child. By following the development of human movement behaviour from birth onwards, it is possible to regain the mobility enjoyed at a very early age.Juliette Kando


Juliette Kando wrote a book containing over 80 exercise-games, derived partly from yoga, that can be played with children with mother/father or family and friends. Toddlertone greatly benefits the physical and emotional condition of both adult and child. Variations with groups are also given. The full version of Toddlertone will appear soon.

So the next time you are in the company of a small child, get down to their level, observe their movements, and try to copy them. It’s such great fun, and a jolly good workout in the bargain!

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Yoga from Babies and Toddlers

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