The Shake Weight Works – Shake Weight Exercises

Have a good laugh with this hilarious video. Never mind its suggestive double-meaning reputation. The Shake Weight can work wonders for your arms, shoulders, chest and upper back provided you learn how to use it safely.

Does the Shake Weight Work?

The Shake Weight is a good invention and definitely works but you must be careful not to overdo it and, most importantly, if you use the Shake Weight in the upright position, watch your postural alignment as the machine is very powerful and could cause serious damage. Like so many new pieces of exercise equipment, unless it is used with proper physical intelligence, your Shake Weight could injure you and end up with all the other unused gadgets in the attic or at a garage sale. Having said that, try using it safely as described in the following exercises, to begin with lying down on the floor.

Toning the Biceps

1. Lie on the floor on your back, on a folded towel or yoga mat.
2. If your back is uncomfortable on the floor place a bolster or large cushion under your knees to reduce the curve behind your waist. Now in this comfortable position you may safely use the Shake Weight to tone up your biceps, but remember, without lifting the elbows.
3. While keeping the elbows on the floor, palms up, lift the Shake Weight up and put it down again.
Experiment with height, angle from your body and establish a sequence. CAUTION Don’t take your elbows off the floor yet.
You Kando it - The Shake Weight Works

Toning The Triceps

1. Take away the bolsters and turn over onto your front. Keep your neck relaxed with your head resting on the floor on one cheek.
2. Palm facing up, lift the Shake Weight off the floor, and put it down. How Many Reps? Do between 8 and 32 repetitions to reach your own limit of endurance and do not forget to establish a matching breathing pattern, breathing in on the “up”, and out on the “down” motions. When you feel comfortable doing the Shake Weight exercises on the floor you may try doing some standing up. Follow the CD that comes with the product to open the chest and strengthen the shoulders and upper back.

For Men or Women


More Shake Weight Exercises

Juliette Kando wrote many more

Shake Weight Exercises

on HubPages. Have fun and a safe workout with your new toy.

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