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We welcome  original articles on body awareness. You can submit as many articles as you like, each on a different issue, using a separate form for each one. You can add pictures, videos, and backlinks to your own websites. Be sure your writing is your own and not copied or spun. ___ submit articles

What Makes A Good Article?

Write something about the body that particularly interests you, an issue you feel passionate about and think you know a little more about than other people.  Include enough information to make it really useful to your readers. Make your content better informed and more original than what is  out there on the subject already.

Title and Keywords

Choose a Google-friendly title, a specific phrase that people would type into the Google search bar to find out more about your topic. Scatter your title keywords sparingly throughout the article so your subject matter can easily be picked up by search engines.


Add one or more original, high-quality pictures.  Size the picture to 640px width/ratio. Resolution: 75 pixels per inch. Add some videos if you like. The Add your Own Content Form explains how to upload videos.

Link Juice

You may add links to resources relating to your article and links to your own websites if relevant but no more than 2 links to the same domain per article, please.

Final Check

Check your article for spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes before pasting it in the submission form. Having said that, don’t worry too much, your material will be checked. Plus, you can always contact us  if you feel you need to change anything after submission, even after publication. You are dealing with real people here, not with robots.

Go For It!

We are particularly interested in publishing your best writing about body awareness and how to listen to your body.

Now take the plunge and go for it, You KANDO it!.

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