Stay Mobile with Hawaii Hula Chair

No one can forget the time Ellen discovered one of her favorite workout tools: the Hawaii Hula Chair! Have a good laugh with Ellen’s video, but does the Hawaii Hula Chair really work to lose weight? This gadget is certainly worth further investigation.


Product Blurb

Wow! All that from gesticulating on a moving chair? And why is it called a Hula chair? What is Hula dancing anyway?

Hula Dancing

The grace and beauty of Hula dance demand powerful muscle control and good body alignment. Hula dance for weight loss is a great form of exercise with proven results. On the Hawaii Hula Chair, you can dance off the weight while sitting down, even while working at your desk, as Ellen tries to demonstrate in this hilarious video. Tone your hips, bums, tums, and thighs with muscle reactions in response to the chair’s motion at various controlled speeds. You can also use the Hawaii Hula Chair at work, in your office to add to your program of weight reduction. Or at home, you may practice on your hula chair to music for a great session of dancercise with Hula dancing.

You-KANDO-it_Hawaii Hula Chair

How Does it Work?

The Hawaii Hula Chair is a very clever invention in that it concentrates on moving the pelvis, the centre of gravity of the body. A stiff pencil, balancing horizontally on a finger, has its point of balance in its centre. In the human body, that centre point of gravity is in the pelvic region. Now because the pelvis is the centre of gravity in the body, everything else is affected by its movements or the lack of it. The strong circular motion of the chair seat moves the user’s pelvic region. By simply trying not to fall off, the Hawaii Hula Chair challenges the user’s balance and coordination. At the same time, it gives the stomach, intestines, and all internal organs a nice massage. The muscles of the thighs, hips, waist, abdomen and thorax get, by sheer necessity, a good toning up.

Who Can Use It?

Increasing movement range and muscle control in the core area of the body is not just for fitness freaks or over-active people who can’t sit still. Anyone who wants to tone up their chore and likes a good laugh can use a Hawaii Hula Chair to their own level of capability. Externally induced activity in the core of the body can rehabilitate less fit people, the overweight, seniors and the of those confined to sitting on a chair all day, which includes the vast majority of the population. Working out on the Hawaii Hula Chair burns up more calories than anything you have ever tried before. The result is a re-energised and active feeling even while having to remain seated for long periods of time. Every airline should install them.


Good Price For a Massage Chair

You pay thousands of dollars for a big black heavy massage chair that vibrates your body while sitting passive and relaxed. The Hawaii Hula Chair, on the other hand, demands action on the user’s part. Or rather a reaction by the body in response to the chair seat’s circular motion. Of course, you can also set the hula chair to its slowest speed, unwind and relax away the stresses of the day. But in addition to relaxing, you can tone up your hips, bums, tums and thighs. At a small fraction of the cost of an ordinary massage chair, you can get fit, change your mood, and become more productive. With its simple rhythmic massage and circular motion, the Hawaii Hula Chair tones your core with exercise while you are sitting down.


Further Reading and Safety Precautions

Why not ask for a Hula chair at your next birthday? You KANDO it!

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