Cure Food Obsession with Real Living Food

fat coffinUnless we take personal responsibility for what we eat we are sure to get sick and die fat. The food industry has created an obesity pandemic by putting sugar in everything for taste and preservatives for long shelf life, adding artificial vitamins in a failed attempt to replace natural ingredients. Here we take  a global, more objective perspective on obesity. By comparing eating habits in different cultures, we can clearly see what went wrong and what can be done. But first, let us look at the emergence of an increasingly popular mindset and attitude towards food and eating.


Over the last 3 or 4 decades, in line with the emergence of the obesity problem, food has become a product that aledgedly can fullfil all human needs and desires. Food has now become

What is this obsession with food, and media bulk about cooking? Why the increasing popularity? Could it be a mass hunkering for real living food? Cooking programs have almost taken over in popularity over romance and sex. Have we become too fat for sex? Has cooking become the foreplay to a never attained culinary climax ? Think about it: orgasms occur in many non sexual forms of physical expressions/expulsions.
A yawn, for example, is yawned until it reaches its climax. A yawn’s function is to inhale a large quantity of oxygen, to retain and distribute the energizing oxygen throughout the body , and finally, to expel unwanted carbon dioxide.
Similarly, doesn’t a sneeze reaches its own kind of exploding orgasm to clear the nasal passage?
Even a simple scratch to an itch only lasts to its desired satisfaction.


Eating is no different. It begins at the shopping list stage. Hmm, what shall we eat this week? Then comes the hunting phase at the supermarket. But really, our hunting phase has turned into something more like farm animals being led to their a trough. At stage three, good “foodies” immaculately  prepare, taste and smell the pan for approval (little climaxes). One would expect the ultimate eating orgasm to occur when, finally, the food is eaten. Wrong — with processed food, reaching complete satisfaction from eating can never happen because that food does not meet the body’s nutritional requirements. Consequently, the body feels hungry for more. Obesity victims eat more and more of the wrong types of food because in reality, they are starved of valid nutrition.

What Is Real Living Food?

Real living food is fresh, free of additives, preservatives, coloring, artificial vitamins and all the other addictive stuff contained in processed and packaged food (and drink!). Real living food is a basic necessity for survival. But food in the West is no longer a basic necessity for survival, it is a product that fills morbid corporate pockets. Obesity rules today as in Roman times. Parents are worried they may outlive their diabetic children. Not so in other cultures (yet!). Let us look at Asia.

In Asia

During a recent visit to the Philippines, I noticed that the home population is slim and fit. In Manila, you just do not see fat, bald Filipinos. It being the 3rd most overcrowded city in the world, perhaps there wouldn’t be enough room for them if they were as large as Westerners.
On the Island of Boracay, the natives are incredibly strong and resourceful. I saw a slim 60-year-old man climb the tall trunk of a palm tree to reach the coconuts above. Carrying a sharp machete in his teeth he climbs up like a monkey without a harness to hack steps into the tree trunk and reach the top.

Here, in Asia, bare-footed children play happily with sticks and stones. They climb trees and go fish diving in the ocean while their mothers hand wash clothes and fathers repair the tin roof of the bamboo hut without any glass in the windows. Guarded by scruffy dogs, a few goats, piglets and chickens await their turn for the soup. These people’s active outdoor lifestyle demands and necessitates strength, fitness and good health. They eat homegrown vegetables and  real, self-slaughtered meat. They have no other option. No one is overweight, only the tourists and maybe a few English speaking bar owners.


The Yanomani are the largest relatively isolated tribe living in in the rain forests and mountains of northern Brazil and southern Venezuela.
The Yanomani eat the foods that they grow, hunt or gather like wild honey, plantains, corn, cassava, fruits, seeds, fowl, deer, armadillos, nuts and monkey. While the men do the hunting, women either gather or help with the planting of crops. One of their cultural habits is to eat in silence.

Back to the Jungle?

No, I am merely emphasizing the obvious. By becoming a robotized society, we have lost the use of our bodies (most middle aged Westerners can’t even squat anymore) and the use of our senses. Is it not high time to lay off our obsession with food and get on with other things in life? Like perhaps learning how to move well again? Just eat simply and now when you are quite starving for real, fresh living food. What about a nice piece of country bread sprinkled with olive oil and some crunchy lettuce and parsley on top? But here I go again, talking about food.
Definition of Real Living Food

Real living food is any food that DOES NOT come from a

Think of the amount of rubbish/garbage you boycott in the bargain. Food with long shelf life is not real food unless it’s things like rice, pasta, pulses, nuts etc.

Cure the Obsession

No amount of weight lifting or exercise on fitness machines is going to help you lose weight unless you stop thinking about food all the time. Who says we need 3 meals a day? Some do while others may not. Eat when you feel really hungry, not peckish. Feed yourself and your family with decent meals of real living food. Don’t watch food programs on TV, don’t talk about food at dinner parties, PLEASE? Don’t think, talk, or even look at food unless you are shopping, cooking (if you must – animals don’t cook), or actually eating with an empty stomach, yum, yum!

Watch the next video. As always, George Carlin hit it right on the nail. He makes you laugh out loud even on the bitter ugly truth about the obesity pandemic. Mind the Language!___

To Conclude

Before embarking upon a journey to reduce excessive body weight, food addicts have to:

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Think about it, and good luck on your weight loss journey…You KANDO it!

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