Body Friendly Furniture Design

Furniture should be soft, light, comfortable, easy to clean, versatile, and mobile to allow you to move well  and feel great.

Juliette Kando Body Friendly Furniture TitleJuliett Kando Arc Chair in Action

What is Wrong with Furniture?

Tables and chairs were invented centuries ago to raise oneself off the floor. In those days, floors were cold, damp, unhygienic and crawling with bugs. The golden rule that you do not eat anything that has fallen on the floor is still followed strictly today. It is high time to re-examine the furniture industry. Aided by the scientific myths they sponsor, Western type furniture may not do our bodies any favors.

Our furniture has taken away our ability to move well and feel comfortable on mother earth, the ground, the floor. A whole array of furniture today is neither comfortable nor necessary. With today’s spotless clean tiled or wooden floors available for the home, there is no longer much wrong with our floors. Yet we still live most of our lives perched on chairs. Why? The next short video explains how much damage chairs can do to your body.

Are YOU Chair-Shaped?

Get Off the Chairs!

It is almost as if we are becoming paralyzed from the waist down, the part hidden under the table. Sitting on chairs all day causes physical damage. Tight hamstrings, chronic back, shoulder and neck pain, stiffness in the entire body is the result of having lost contact with the floor. Chairs deserve a government health warning:


Lying on your Back on the Floor

Many of us can no longer squat or sit comfortably on the floor. Many can no longer even lie down on the floor. Furniture has over-curved spines and necks. Check now if your spine and neck are over-curved by lying on your back on the floor (not, on a bed) as shown in the following illustration.
juliette Kando Lying on your Back on Floor

Spend More Time on the Floor

Even if  you have to use props, as shown above, to  lie on the floor comfortably, don’t give  up. The more you do it, the fewer and smaller props you will need. Soon enough, gravity will straighten  your spine  back  to normal  again. Body friendly furniture allows you to spend more time living on the floor. Relax,  work or play, have a rest to ease the cares of the day. With the floor, and body friendly furniture you can

Sofas and Raised Beds

Take a sofa: A heavy sofa, difficult to move, with its foam filled seats, gets clogged up with dust, dirt, pencils and coins fallen in its oblivion. People buy new sofas before the old one has been paid off. Western style beds, with heavy, thick, expensive, sprung mattresses promise an optimum good night’s sleep with an assurance that they will cure back pain. Do they? No. The Japanese have, for centuries, proven that the most comfortable bed to sleep on is nothing more than a mat on the floor. Such a mat can be aired, cleaned and rolled up out of the way when not used. No bed bugs will gather there.

What is Body Friendly Furniture?

Body Friendly Furniture is minimalist, mobile and versatile. It encourages the body to get off chairs and be more comfortable on the floor, whether at rest or in action.

Juliette Kando Body Friendly Furniture Full Collection

Body Friendly Furniture is a family of mats, bolsters, cushions and a floor bed, plus the famous Arc Chair (see below).

Bolster Versatility

The great joy of  Body Friendly Furniture is that each item is multi-purpose. Endless new possibilities reach out for the horizons of your imagination. The giant  mat (150 x 200cm) is also the container for all bolsters. It folds up just like a cardboard box.

Body Friendly Furniture Juliette Kando Bolster Pack

Giant mat wraps up all six bolsters for easy storage.

Concentric Bolsters

Body Friendly Furniture Concentric Bolsters

Bolster Measurements

All bolsters are equal in height (50 cm).

Respective external diameters are:

Juliette Kando Body Friendly Furniture Kid Mats

Bolsters are always handy to play with or to prop up the body in any uncomfortable position. But the best thing I’ve come up with is the Arc Chair. A rocking chair turned into exercise equipment.
Juliett Kando Arc Chair in Action

Have a look at the new ingeniously revised No Waste Arc Chair and Coffee Table design.

If you like the idea of Body Friendly Furniture and want to know more, contact us.

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