Arc Chair and Coffee Table No Waste Design

The Arc  Chair

The Arc Chair is no ordinary rocking chair. Yes, you can sit and relax to read a book or watch a movie. When you feel like a stretch, the Arc Chair moves with you just a little. Lift up your arms higher to tilt back a little further. Eventually, it can take you comfortably all the way upside down, into a perfect yoga-plough position!
Juliett Kando Arc Chair in Action

But that’s not all!

When I turn it upside down, the Arc Chair works its magic for the back as a counter move to the detrimental stresses and strains from gravity.
Juliette Kando Body Friendly Furniture Arc Chair Inverted

You like the idea of the Arc Chair? That is unfortunate because you can’t get them anymore. The good news is that its design has been improved for distribution to individuals and/or companies who want to make the Arc Chair or put it into production.  The advantage of selling the design instead of the product is obvious in many ways, most importantly,. each user can have the Arc Chair made to his/her own measurements. Once cut, the assemblage is fairly easy to work out. Plus, the new design comes with a surprise: a coffee table made from the left over cuts. Have a look…

No Waste


For further inquiries or more detailed instructions on how to put the table legs together, please contact us.

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