3 Minutes a Day to Keep Neck Pain Away

Well done!

Hey, that was 6:45 minutes! Wait, the 3 minute version comes later. First we must face facts.

This poll, recently conducted on HubPages, indicates that the majority of the population suffers from some kind of chronic neck, upper back or shoulder tension. Yet the problem is so easily overcome once a natural postural awareness is maintained at all times.


Do you belong to the lucky 1% of the population who never suffer headaches and migraines caused by a stiff neck or tight shoulders? Then move on. But if you belong to the 59% majority with chronic neck and shoulder trouble, now is the time to do something about it. Make sure to watch, and follow the first video. It’ll only take a few very enjoyable minutes of your time and will help to get rid of the pain once and for all. In the last video, Layla will show you how to perform the 18 moves that cover the entire spectrum of head movements as defined by movement notation. Just follow her, she acts as your mirror image / teacher.

Have you watched the first video? Yes? I bet your neck is feeling a little longer and looser now.

Save the charts


Right-click the above combined head movements notation chart. Then click “Save Image As” to your computer. Now print two or 3 copies to stick on the wall in various places in the house where you can spend a few minutes a day going through the neck healing motions. Provided you refrain from bad habits like slouching, your neck can stay long, supple, strong, and, most importantly, pain free from now on.

3 Minute Version
Now that you can read and understand the 18 movement notation signs for head movements, watch the second video “3 Minutes a Day to Keep Neck Pain Away”. This practice video is a shorter, more concise version of the same 18 moves without all the talking; almost like performing a slow, healing neck dance. Can you spare another 3 minutes for your neck’s sake? Go on! Enjoy the moves with deep breaths to beautiful piano music.


Our motto is “No Pain, Just Gain”. Don’t overdo it and never go beyond the pain barrier. Tips on releasing pain trigger points can be found in the 1st link below.

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Good luck with your recovery. Please share this invaluable info with all your poor friends who are, most likely, also suffering from chronic neck pain.

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